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Bulk URL Opener – Version 2.4

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What’s New

This is the second time I implement this feature. But this time I tested everything several times and now it works as expected.

Once again: Please, accept my apologies for the fiasco with the previous update! Thank you for the support and the understanding. I promise I’ll test everything much harder from now on to avoid this happening again.

So — what’s the new feature: in this version Bulk URL Opener adds support for local files. That means you can open multiple local documents the same way as other urls. It always worked with explicit scheme (like “file:///c:\some-file.txt) but now it will work even if you type/paste file paths like “/volume/file.txt” or “c:\my-file.doc”…

Protect Your Browser

Recently I started using a browser plugin called “Guardio” and I was so impressed, that I installed it on all of my browsers and decided to promote them on my sites. It is especially useful if you open a lot of links at once (and you are, if you are using Bulk URL Opener 😉 Guardio is fast, light and works directly in the browser. It includes everything you expect from good antivirus and more: scan your browser plugins for malware, real-time protection from malicious sites, privacy protection and more. And you can install it right from the chrome store.

* This is affiliate link. If you find Guardio useful and become their user, I could get compensated.