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Bulk URL Opener – Version 2.5

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What’s New

This time I added “Cleanup” button to the interface. If you have duplicate lines or some non-url content in the URLs list, it should clean up and remove duplicates:

Protect Your Browser

Recently I started using a browser plugin called “Guardio” and I was so impressed, that I installed it on all of my browsers and decided to promote them on my sites. It is especially useful if you open a lot of links at once (and you are, if you are using Bulk URL Opener 😉 Guardio is fast, light and works directly in the browser. It includes everything you expect from good antivirus and more: scan your browser plugins for malware, real-time protection from malicious sites, privacy protection and more. And you can install it right from the chrome store.

* This is affiliate link. If you find Guardio useful and become their user, I could get compensated.