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Cover Prompt

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Welcome to the Cover Prompt, my new extension, designed specifically for creative professionals and A.I. enthusiasts who frequently work with AI-driven image generation platforms like MidJourney and DALL-E. This extension seamlessly integrates into your browser, offering a streamlined and efficient way to save, search, and quickly reuse your prompts.

Cover Prompt in 39 seconds: AI Prompt Manager for your Browser

Like what you see?

If you want to know more before trying it, here is the TL&DR; for you:

Key Features:

  • Sidebar Extension: It simply sits ready in your sidebar. When needed, you open it, drag and drop the prompt you liked, save and close. No popups, no switching tabs and windows.
  • Save and Organize: With Cover Prompt, you can easily save prompts that you’ve found inspiring or useful. Whether it’s a particularly effective phrase for MidJourney or a creative input for DALL-E, our extension ensures that these valuable prompts are stored and readily accessible for future reference.
  • Thumbnail Visualization: A picture is worth a thousand words, so Cover Prompt not only allows you to add thumbnails alongside your prompts, it requires image. You can load from disk, drag & drop images as you see them or even take a screenshot right from the extension (useful for not-image generators, I use screenshots for Chat GPT prompts).
  • Qick Searching: As your collection of prompts grows, you’ll find it handy to search for words or tags. You can filter and find prompts based on keywords or tags.
  • Export and Import Database: Because it works in the browser and there is no online database. The Cover Prompt extension allows you to export the entire database of prompts as a zip file, ensuring that your prompts are safe and can be transferred easily. Similarly, importing prompts into the extension is just as straightforward, two clicks process.
  • Its free and we sell nothing in it — install, try, remove if yo udon’t like it. It’s that simple 😉

Table of Contents

  1. How to Get It
  2. Introduction (After Installing it)
  3. Adding Prompts to Database
  4. Browse and Search Prompts
  5. Export and Import Database
  6. Additional Notes
  7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  8. Contact and Support

How to Get It

To start using the plugin, you have to download it from the official Chrome Web Store:

First Steps After Install

After Installing Cover Prompt, you may want to pin it to the taskbar. But also — if you are more like me — you can use the the keyboard shortcuts to always call it in the quickest way:

Cover Prompt – Pin to Taskbar

Kyeboard Shortcut: Command + Shift + P (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + P (Windows,Linux)

Save Prompt to Database

Drag and Drop, Copy and Paste… You pick the most convenient way to add prompts to the database. Me personally, I love to select both the prompt and the resulting image and drag them to the drag zone, but this way I get unwanted addons (like my handler, –params etc.)… Anyway, here are the several ways you can add prompt:

  • Drag & Drop — drag both text and/or photos to the top drag zone, it will try to distinguish what to put where. Photos will be added to the thumbnail field, text to the prompt field.
  • Click on the drag zone to open file dialog if — for some reason — you want to load from disk
  • On drag/drop or the prompt zone will be replaced with the new dropped text
  • you can add any tag you want. With use the tool will start offer suggestions. I use AI tool names and many different tags to organize things for better search later
  • Some site may prevent you from draging images. Then you can use the screenshot button (see below)

Here are the additional features on this page:

  • ?   — zoom, click to preview the currently selected image
  • ?   — will open current image in new tab (useful for big images)
  • ?   — will take screenshot of the current page; I use this to save promps for Chat GPT and other text-based AI
  • ⬇  — this will download the current image to your downloads folder. I made it for myself, because this way I download MidJourney images faster. In addition — this willl strip the metadata from the generations so I can use them right away.

That’s all for the “add prompt” section. Next is the search tab:

Browse and Search Prompts

To quickly find your target prompts, use the two search fields on the “Browse” tab:

  1. Search in Prompts — type words with space between them. The extension will filter only prompts that include both words
  2. Search in Tags — the same way, select tags you want the prompts to include and only prompts that include both tags will be shown
  3. If you enter both tags and keywords, all words and tags must be saved in given prompt to be shown in the list

The rest of this tab are the usual suspects: “copy” button to copy to clipboard, click on thumbnail to open bigger preview, click the red “X” to delete.

Bonus: You can drag thumbnail and drop it directly in your target page the same way you drag from the page but backwards 😉

Use the page navigation on bottom to move between pages.

Export and Import Database

On the “More” tab you’ll find two maintenance features:

  • Export (save) Database — use this from time to time to save a backup of your prompts. Remember, everything is kept in the browser and if you delete (remove) the extension, all data associated with it will be removed. Also, you can use this feature to move database to another computer / browser
  • Import Database — When importing from backup file, remember that current database will be erased. If you want to keep it — save it under another name. This way you can organize more prompts.

Additional Notes

I tested this extension with 10,000 prompts and it was still working, but got little laggy. Still usable, but probably on the top of the abilities of my notebook (tested on Macbook Air M1). I have no idea who would want to add more prompts but keep in mind it will crash with big databases, this was never meant for such load.

Also, after 3,000 records, my browser stopped exporting/importing the database, so you probably want to keep things smaller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Cover Prompt, and how does it enhance my experience with AI image generation tools like MidJourney and DALL-E?

Cover Prompt is a browser extension designed to streamline your workflow with AI image generation platforms. It allows you to save, manage, and search prompts and thumbnails, making it easier to reuse and reference past inputs.

2. How can I save a prompt using Cover Prompt?

To save a prompt, simply enter your prompt text and optional tags in the designated areas and upload a corresponding thumbnail. Click the ‘Save Prompt’ button to store it in your database for future use.

3. Can I search for specific prompts I’ve saved earlier?

Yes, the extension includes a search feature. You can search by keywords or tags to quickly find specific prompts you’ve saved.

4. Is it possible to export and import my saved prompts?

Absolutely! Cover Prompt supports exporting your entire database as a zip file for backup or transfer purposes. You can also import prompts into the extension, making data recovery or migration hassle-free.

5. How do I install the Cover Prompt extension in my browser?

Visit the Chrome Web Store, search for ‘Cover Prompt,’ and click ‘Add to Chrome’ to install it. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

6. Is this free?

Cover Prompt is absolutely free of charge. I believe in making free plugins and I just wanted to give my two cents in making AI art generation tools more accessible and usable to all of us.

7. Is my data secure with Cover Prompt?

Your data is stored locally on your browser, ensuring that you have full control over its privacy and security. (Note that I don’t put trackers or anything in my extensions. The extension works on your machine and does not connect to external servers or recources)

8. Can I use Cover Prompt on browsers other than Chrome?

Currently, Cover Prompt is tested on Chrome. However, it should work on other Chromium-based browsers like Opera and Edge (I’m pretty sure it will work there). Don’t know about Firefox, but since they started using normal browser extensions as everyone else — may be. Drop me a line if you find out.

9. How can I delete the extension?

Option 1: Right-click on the icon and select “Remove from Chrome”. Option 2: Go to chrome://extensions and uninstall from there

10. Will Cover Prompt be updated with new features?

Yes, if there is interest and someone actually uses it, I am committed to continually improve the extension. Updates will be rolled out to include new features and enhancements based on user feedback and technological possibilities.

Contact and Support

Use the contact page on this site to ask me anything. I will try to answer all questions and request as soon as possible