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New Site

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I am happy to announce that after almost 20 years this site is finally in the modern era. This will make it easier and faster to publish updates therefore, it’s good for all the sub-projects living at

How it was

When I started publishing on the web back in 2001, there were mostly html and ftp. I think wordpress was already there, but it was buggy and crashy. So back then I used something called “dreamweaver” and made most of my sites with pure html-js-css. In the years to come it proved to work, but was painful to update. Every time I wanted to add or modify page, that required ftp – download – fix – upload… And if I wanted to change the template, I needed to rewrite the whole thing.

What I did

So, this Christmas I spent the whole day installing brand new WordPress on my favourite hosting (Green Geeks) and voila, we have brand new website that now looks almost the same, but comes with all the modern perks as…you know…the option to update without taking a day off of my other works.

So almost exactly 10 years after the last redesign, is now powered by wordpress, litespeed and cloudflare and seems even faster (although php should be slowing down things) than before.

And since I am happy with Green Geeks for the last 3 years, I am brave enough to put their ad here. The hosting is extremely fast (and as a bonus they say its “Green”, but I am happy with the caching and the lightspeed server, to be fair, not that much into the green part ;-)). Feel free to check their WP offerings (affiliate link, of course;-):