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Latest News:

Bulk URL Opener Extension Updated

July 31, 2017.

A user asked for different toolbar button to better fit his browser theme. Now we added several icons for you to choose from. Just open the "options" page and select the one you like most...

Copy URLs

April 1, 2015.

Copy the URLs of all currently opened pages to clipboard (Chrome Extension).

Most Visited

June 16, 2014.

Open your most-visited pages from a quick drop-down menu (Chrome Extension).

Bulk URL Opener

December 19, 2013.

Did you ever wanted a browser addon that will help you to open multiple URLs at once? This Chrome app could be what you need. Just enter the URLs, click "Open" and you'll get all the pages opened in separate tabs or windows with one single click...

Today's Date

November 28, 2013.

Very simple android app that will show you today's date and some more related info...

Another version of Melanto Calculator

November 6, 2013.

Our Calculator is now available as Chrome "Desktop" App. These are new (and still beta) apps for the Chrome browser that opens in separate window and behave much more like native desktop apps (with their own icon in the taskbar and in separate window instead of working in Chrome tab).

Happy New Site

October 8, 2013.

If you ever visited this site before, you'd notice the completely new design and layout. The old version wasn't bad back in 2010, when we started this site, but in time it got out of context. We published more apps. A lot more information was added. The minimalistic approach of the previous version wasn't good for the growing content. Besides, it wasn't working well on mobile devices. And with all these handsets around, it was about time to think about mobile. So, we decided to switch to simple, responsive, mobile-friendly layout. Let's hope you'll find the change useful...

My IP Address

August 23, 2013.

Our first Android app is here -- it's just an IP address checker that will give you some very useful info (your IP, country, city, geolocation and some other tracking info) ...

New platform joined: Opera Next

June 10, 2013.

The Opera 15 browser (Opera Next) now supports chromium extensions. This makes it quite easy to get any Chrome extension to work in the new Opera. So, as of today, the Calculator app is also available as Opera extension.

Melanto Calculator | 3.0

June 1, 2013.

Our calculator app just got better. The new version has been published on Chrome Web Store. If you already have this app installed, you will get the update automatically. If not -- it is a good time to go and get it (download here). The most important change in this version is that we added the long waited percentage calculation functionality (the single most wanted feature so far). And there are the usual bug-fixes and other small improvements one would expect from any software update...