Bulk URL Opener

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Enter each URL in new line and click the "Open All". The app will then open all the pages in separate tabs or windows -- depending on your settings (read about settings below).

You may skip the scheme (protocol) part for "http://" sites. For example -- instead of full url http://domain.com, you may just type domain.com and the http:// part will be automatically added.

There are some quick buttons you may want to use: paste, copy and clear (located just under the URLs box). The paste button will clear all the current URLs and paste the clipboard content. Copy will copy all URLs into the clipboard. The Clear button will, obviously, clear all the URLs from the list.


There are several settings available that you can use to customize app's behavior:

By default (until you select other option) the app will open each URL in new tab.

Optionally, you can check "in new dedicated window". This will create new window and all URLs will be opened as separate tabs in this new window

Select this option to open each page in it's own window

Check this to set a maximum limit of tabs/windows to be opened. This option is useful if you have large list with URLs and want to open only a specified number at once. This may be used along with "remove URLs" (see below) if you want to open pages in batches.

Check this if you want to keep the URLs saved for the next time you run the app. If unchecked, the app will not preserve the current URL list on exit.

This option is particularry useful if you want to open a number of URLs in batches (along with "Open only the first X URLs" option above). If checked, all processed URLs will be deleted from the URL List.

Check this option if you want to close the URL Opener app itself after processing the URLs (otherwise the app's tab will remain open)