Bulk URL Opener

Bulk URL Opener Updated

The URL Opener extension has been updated to version 1.4

If you are unsure which extension is this, look for this icon:
app icon

What's New

Only one new option was added in this version: "group by host". If selected, the opener will try to group tabs in separate windows for links from the same domain.

How it works

Use the tool as usual, but instead of "open in new tab" or "open in new window", select the new "group by host" option. Now the tool will try to sort the links by host and will create separate window for each domain. To test it, look for the respective radio-box:

group by host

This was user-requested option. The idea behind this is simple: why not trying to group all Quora links in one window, all Google links in another and so on. Well, we now have it. Feel free to contact me with your ideas for future improvements -- sometimes I am even able to implement them.

That's all for this version. See ya in the next one ;-)

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Remember that if you don't need this extension anymore, you can remove it at any time (just right-click on the extension's icon and select "Remove from Chrome")