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Version 3.1 - release info (read below). Read the help page for more.

Changes in Version 3.1:

After long time of inactivity, finally, the new version is here.

This is bugfix release: no new features but one ugly bug has been fixed.

Bug fixes:

The most important change in this version is that I fixed weird bug in some functions (namely: asin, acos, atan and acot) – these used to return wrong results in "degrees" mode. Now they work as expected. The bug was cought and reported by user, so thanks again to all of you who care to report the bugs when you meet them.

Other changes

There are some other, not so important changes:
- Shortcut registration during install/update: by default the app will try to add "Alt+C" as keyboard shortcut. That doesn't always work (in some of my tests Chrome didn't accept the shortcut) but if you really want to set a shortcut (or change it) -- go to the extensions page (chrome://extensions), scroll down to the end of the page and click the 'Keyboard shortcuts' link at the bottom-right corner.

Additional note: Calculator in the Toolbar

From time to time people are asking how to add the calculator to the main toolbar. Well, this is an app and Chrome doesn't allow apps to add icons to the toolbar. But there is another version of Melanto Calculator, repacked as extension, which can do the trick:


Some of you asked how to add the calculator button to the main toolbar. Here is the answer:

Click the button below and install our Melanto Calculator extension:

Add Melanto Calculator to the Toolbar »

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