Melanto Calculator



Optimized for full-screen usage, this calculator app is suitable for tablet/network devices. The "strange" thing in this calculator is that you can see both sides of the current binary operation. This is little unusual, but gives you more control on the calculations performed. Just remember that unary operations are performed on the second operand, if there are two operands already entered. If you want the whole result to be used as an input for the next operation, press Enter (or tap =) first. Sounds complicated? Here is a step-by-step example: (1) Enter 5 + 5 (2) Click X2 button (3) The result is now 5 + 25; If you want to square the result of the current operation (5+5 in the above example) -- click = first and then the unary operation (X2 in the example).On devices with keyboard you can use the obvious keys: number keys, dot (floating point), +, -, *, /, Enter (=) and BackSpace. The advanced ("scientific") functions are not yet accessible with keyboard shortcuts (but better keyboard support is planned for the next release).