Melanto Calculator


How to use Melanto Calculator...

Quick Guide...

While working with the calculator you'll see it shows both sides of the current binary operation. Sounds complicated? See the following example:

1) type 200 + 10 (you'll see exactly "200 + 10" on screen)

2) Click " % " key:
3) The tool will now calculate 10% of 200:
(you'll notice that when you click some unary operation button (%, sqare root etc.), it will be performed on the second operand (in our example - "10"))
3) press Enter key (or click " = ") to get the result

4) Now you will see the final sum:

Just remember - if you want to perform next operation on the result of the previous, click " = " first, otherwise you'll change only the last operand entered. (The only exception is "%=" button - see "percentages" for more on this)

Keyboard Shortcuts:

You can use the obvious keys: number keys, dot (floating point), +, -, *, /, Enter (=), ESC (C) and BackSpace.

The advanced ("scientific") functions are not yet accessible from keyboard shortcuts (but better keyboard support is planned for the next release).